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Castle is basically the best show. Also adore Suits, Private Practice, and old Grey's! (Ps I want to be Stana Katic..)

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So I’m sure that everyone is going to comment about Stana finally doing the ice bucket challenge (though the fact that people literally begging her nonstop to do it is something I will not comment on), in a wet shirt, & how adorable she was (I mean, come on, she was, and so was Seamus), I just need to say - JON HUERTAS IS A CLASS ACT. (So is the rest of the Castle cast!) I don’t know if he already donated after doing the ice bucket challenge, but donating on behalf of someone that wanted to but could not afford to is wonderful, kind, classy, and sets an amazing example for other celebrities. I feel like it’d be easy to say that he could just do that because he has a well paying job, so $100 is probably like the equivalent of $20, but it’s the fact that he even did this for someone that really gets me. He’s wonderful.

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"My fellow artists and students of life, thank you for letting me be here tonight"

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